Marine Ecology, Water and Sediment Quality

Elgin Associates specialise in marine ecology, water and sediment assessments, including impact assessments, monitoring and baseline biodiversity surveys, habitat mapping, and targeted surveys for marine pest incursions. We undertake preliminary to multi-staged site assessments for coastal developments, including marinas, ports and harbours. Elgin scientists are ADAS accredited divers and diving work is conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard for occupational diving AS2299:2.

Ports Harbours Dredging







Services include:

  • Marine ecology impact assessments, including survey design, implementation and statistical analysis;
  • Ecological monitoring programs;
  • Food web assessments and biota sampling for bioaccumulative contaminants, including PFAS, heavy metals and organochlorines;
  • Habitat mapping using SCUBA, remote operated vehicle (ROV) and tow video field surveys, with GIS mapping;
  • Fish assemblage surveys using Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) techniques;
  • Water quality compliance monitoring for dredging projects;
  • Development approval applications for coastal infrastructure, such as jetties, wharves and revetments.
  • Baseline biodiversity surveys;
  • Benthic sediment sampling for infauna enumeration and sediment chemistry analysis, using Van Veen grab sampler or SCUBA coring;
  • Marine water column profiling and discrete interval sampling;
  • Taxonomic identification of marine plants and animals;
  • Assessment of threatened marine species; and
  • Marine ecology education to schools and community groups.

Our services are applicable to marine algae, fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, seabirds, benthic sediments and water quality. Elgin Associates maintains two commercial work vessels that provide excellent platforms for all marine assessments.