Marine Technical Services

Scientific Diving

Elgin Associates diving personnel are highly qualified and experienced marine scientists, technically skilled in planning and executing fieldwork in sub-tidal marine environments. Marine projects that require divers are undertaken in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard 2299.2 Occupational Diving Operations – Scientific Diving (AS2299.2, 2002). Our divers are accredited under the Australian Diving Accreditation Scheme Part 1 – Scientific Diving (ADAS 2815.1).

Our team of marine scientists can plan and conduct sub-tidal projects that include:

    • Habitat and visual census surveys using transect and quadrat approaches;
    • Biota sampling for toxicant studies;
    • Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations (BRUVs);
    • Marine pest surveys;
    • Water quality profiling using in house YSI-6600 V2 Sonde equipment;
    • Underwater video and still camera surveys, including deployment of Remote Operated Vehicle
    • Benthic sediment sampling by Van Veen grab or SCUBA coring methods, and;

Elgin ROV  






Workboats and Coxswains

Elgin Associates operate two commercial workboats to facilitate our diving and survey work in coastal and inshore waters. Skippered by our coxswains, these workboats are also available to other organisations for scientific or general purpose work.

Zodiac 4.2m Inflatable Workboat ‘Elgi’


The Zodiac 4.2m Inflatable Workboat ‘Elgi’ is ideal for survey work in shallow waters such as embayments, estuaries, lakes and rivers. The boat can be used for a range of applications including diving, water quality monitoring, sediment sampling and wildlife observation. It can also be inflated and launched from most shorelines without the need for a boat ramp. This boat is maintained in 2D/2E commercial survey.



Stabicraft 6m Aluminium Workboat ‘Draughtsman’


The Stabicraft 6m Workboat ‘Draughtsman’ has a range of applications in coastal and inshore waters, including diving, sediment sampling, wildlife observation/tagging, pollution response, instrument deployment/retrieval and water quality monitoring. This boat is maintained in 2C(R)/2D/2E commercial survey.