Estuarine Ecology, Water and Sediments

Elgin Associates has extensive project experience working in coastal estuarine systems, including studies of Ramsar wetlands, habitat mapping, estuarine health and eutrophication assessments.







Our services include:
• Estuary process studies, including physical processes and biological communities;
Ecological Character Descriptions (ECDs) and Ramsar Information Sheets for the Logan Lagoon (Tas) Ramsar site
• Preparation of estuary management plans;
• Habitat mapping using GIS aerial photograph referencing and field survey ground truthing;
• Estuarine water and sediment quality, informing catchment managers and issues such as eutrophication and algal blooms;
• Estuary water column profiling and discrete interval sampling, including testing for water stratification and presence of anoxic zones;
• Food web assessments and sampling of estuary biota for bioaccumulative contaminants, including PFAS, heavy metals and organochlorines;
• Preparation of NSW Review of Environmental Factors
• Development approval applications for estuary foreshore infrastructure, such as jetties, wharves and revetments.