Contaminated Land Assessments

Elgin Associates has extensive experience in contaminated land assessment and remediation for audit or due diligence purposes.


Our services include:

  • Preliminary Site Investigations to establish site history, site setting and identify contaminants of potential concern
  • Detailed Site Investigations to test for soil and groundwater contamination across a site and to form a conceptual site model on extent of contamination, routes of exposure and potential receptors at risk.
  • Site remediation and validation, including removal of underground fuel tanks, validation of excavations and classification of contaminated soils for treatment or disposal.
  • Groundwater quality monitoring of the status and changes to contaminant plumes, including assessment of risk to groundwater users and receiving surface waters.
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for site construction works and ongoing site operations.
  • Landfill investigations and monitoring, including assessment of surface water, leachate, groundwater and landfill gas.
  • Sediment quality assessments for Ports and Harbour works and assessing impacts from groundwater discharge zones,  stormwater drainage and mine dewatering processes.