Sewage and Waste Water Services

Biosolids Classification and Wastewater Testing Services for Sewage Treatment Plants

Elgin Associates undertake biosolids classification and wastewater testing at sewage treatment plants, including analysis against regulatory requirements, lagoon sludge surveys, and sludge removal. Services include:

  • Effluent testing for compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Sludge volume surveys, including boats and equipment for sampling lagoons
  • Sludge sampling, testing, and reporting against relevant Biosolids Guidelines
  • Obtaining approvals and liaison with local council, EPA, and Water Boards
  • Removal of biosolids from lagoon systems for reuse
  • Management of biosolids for sustainable reuse
  • Land identification, soil testing, farmer liaison, farm assessments

Recent Wastewater and Sewage Projects

Biosolids management and sustainable reuse – Sludge determination, sludge sampling and testing, EPA liaison, and sustainable reuse under the Tasmanian Biosolids Guidelines 1999 for TasWater, Tasmania.

Merimbula Bay Algal Bloom and Effluent Study – sampling effluent from the Merimbula Sewage Treatment Plant outfall and collecting algal samples along the coast to trace nitrogen stable isotopes for Bega Valley Shire Council.