Microscopy and Taxonomy Laboratory Services

Elgin Associates personnel are highly qualified and experienced in light microscopy, including the identification of marine, estuarine and freshwater biota. Our New South Wales office has a biological laboratory where specimen identification and taxonomic work is conducted. This laboratory is equipped with microscopes, digital imaging tools, taxonomic references, and an in-house reference collection. We can also archive specimen reference collections for projects that require historical documentation such as baseline ecological surveys.

Elgin use specimen curation procedures that follow standard museum and herbarium protocols for labeling, preservation and recording. Our laboratory provides specialist taxonomic services for marine and freshwater algae and can provide taxonomic QA/QC to other organisations.

Our identification services include:

Freshwater biota

  • Macroalgae and phytoplankton
  • Riparian and aquatic plants
  • Stream macro-invertebrates
  • Amphibians

Estuarine, Coastal and Marine biota

  • Specialists in macroalgae
  • Seagrasses, mangroves, saltmarsh communities
  • Fish assemblages
  • Invertebrate communities – benthic infauna, epifauna, and sessile invertebrates of beaches, rocky reefs and artificial structures.

Our biological identification and laboratory services are directed by Principal Scientist Dr Nicholas Yee, who holds a PhD in macroalgal taxonomy and biodiversity and is accredited by EPA Victoria in the identification of stream macro-invertebrates to family level. Expertise in marine invertebrate fauna and amphibians is provided by Dr Luke Finley and Michelle Love.

Elgin Associates are members of the Australian Systematic Botany Society (ASBS), Phycological Society of America (PSA) and Australian Marine Sciences Association AMSA).