Water Quality Assessment Services

Water Quality Monitoring and Testing Services for Domestic, Marine, Freshwater and Estuarine systems

Elgin Associates undertake water quality monitoring and testing services in a variety of domestic and inland aquatic environments including rivers, floodplains, wetlands, and urban streams. These services assist with the assessment of environmental impacts of commercial, industrial, and agricultural activities on the quality of fresh and drinking water, and the impact the water quality is having on the flora and fauna in the immediate and surrounding areas.

Elgin Associates staff are members of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA).

Water quality monitoring will usually include the systematic sampling of water, laboratory analysis and assessment of results against applicable guidelines and standards. In addition, Elgin Associates also undertake:

  • Water quality monitoring in water catchment areas;
  • Flora and fauna surveys;
  • Assessment of pollutants in freshwater ecosystems;
  • Sediment quality assessments;
  • Assessment of stream health using Rapid Bio-Assessment methodology to survey macro-invertebrate communities, also known as AUSRIVAS – Australian River Assessment System;
  • Riparian and wetland condition assessments; and,
  • Assessment of artificial wetlands to improve water quality.

Water Quality Monitoring and Testing Projects

Water quality testing of domestic rainwater tanks and farm dams and screening against the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines:

Assessment of farm dam water against Australian Stock Drinking Water Guidelines;

Melbourne Airport Water Quality Monitoring Program: Water quality and stream health monitoring program at Melbourne Airport. For Australian Pacific Airports;

Wimmera River Water Monitoring Program: Surface water quality monitoring in western Victoria to assist catchment managers on the river health issues that include salinity and nutrient runoff. For Wimmera Catchment Management Authority;

Beaconsfield Gold Mine Wetlands Assessment: Investigation of the performance of a constructed wetlands system used to treat mine water, tailings decant and town stormwater prior to its discharge into Tamar estuary. For Allstate Exploration and Coffey Environments;

Watson Creek Water Quality and Ecological Monitoring: Monitoring as part of catchment management efforts to improve water quality and environmental values of Watson creek, which flows into Yaringa Marine National Park in Western Port Bay. For Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Foundation; and

Macquarie Marshes Ramsar wetland – Floodplain Vegetation Survey: Surveys of river red-gum health and understorey vegetation in areas of the northern and southern reserves using field protocols developed for the Sustainable Rives Audit. For University of New South Wales.